Wet Cat Food Calories by Percentage

Tips for finding the best food for your cat:
  • Stick to 10% or less carbohydrates.
  • Try to get food higher in protein than in fat.
  • For cost savings, stay at or below 78% moisture. Anything more than that and you're just paying for extra water.

Additional Notes:
  • Nature's Recipe, Fancy Feast, and (most of) Pro Plan foods do not show the # of calories in their food.
  • Given that the information is presented to us as maximums and minimums, don't take these percentages as gospel of what exactly is in your cat's food.
  • Soulistic provides actual percentages of protein, fat, fiber, moisture, and ash on their website. I used these instead of the maximums and minimums in my calculations.
  • I have yet to find a good way to present this information in a sortable table on here. If you'd like to sort the data, I recommend that you copy all the data and paste it into an Excel spreadsheet.

BrandSub-brandGrain FreeProtein TypeFlavorProteinFatCarbskcal/ozMoisture
AvodermAdult Cat Food--UnknownIndoor Weight Control Formula3248202778
AvodermAll Life StagesGrain FreePoultryChicken & Duck Entrée in Gravy4541142782
AvodermAll Life StagesGrain FreePoultryChicken Chunks Entrée in Gravy4729242282
AvodermAll Life Stages--PoultryChicken Formula366133478
AvodermAll Life Stages--SeafoodOcean Fish Formula366133378
AvodermAll Life StagesGrain FreeMixedSalmon & Chicken Entrée in Gravy4541142582
AvodermAll Life Stages--SeafoodSalmon Formula3947143678
AvodermAll Life StagesGrain FreeSeafoodSardine, Shrimp & Crab Entrée in Gravy633162283
AvodermAll Life StagesGrain FreeMixedTuna & Chicken Entrée w/Vegetables583572782
AvodermAll Life StagesGrain FreeSeafoodTuna & Crab Entrée in Gravy5929122382
AvodermPouchGrain FreePoultryChicken & Duck Recipe in Gravy4541141982
AvodermPouchGrain FreeSeafoodOcean Fish Recipe in Gravy653231684
AvodermPouchGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon Recipe in Gravy4930211882
AvodermPouchGrain FreeSeafoodTuna Recipe in Gravy712631882
AvodermWild by NatureGrain FreeSeafoodChopped Sardines in Consommé652962382
AvodermWild by NatureGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon in Salmon Consommé732702782
AvodermWild by NatureGrain FreeSeafoodTuna with Prawns692652482
BlueBasics, IndoorGrain FreePoultryDuck & Potato2650243878
BlueBasics, IndoorGrain FreeSeafoodFish & Potato3325422578
BlueBasics, IndoorGrain FreePoultryTurkey & Potato2850223478
BlueBasics, Indoor, KittenGrain FreePoultryTurkey & Potato Entrée3056153778
BlueBasics, Indoor, MatureGrain FreePoultryTurkey & Potato2839343078
BlueFreedom, IndoorGrain FreePoultryChicken3154153378
BlueFreedom, IndoorGrain FreeSeafoodFish3234342878
BlueFreedom, Indoor, FlakedGrain FreePoultryChicken3548173182
BlueFreedom, Indoor, FlakedGrain FreeSeafoodFish3740232882
BlueFreedom, Indoor, KittenGrain FreePoultryChicken3356113978
BlueFreedom, Indoor, MatureGrain FreePoultryChicken2839343178
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Flaked--PoultryChicken4544113182
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Flaked--SeafoodFish & Shrimp5225232782
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Flaked--SeafoodTuna5225232682
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Grilled--PoultryChicken4144162882
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Grilled--SeafoodSalmon4335222582
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Meaty Morsels--PoultryChicken4144162882
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Meaty Morsels--SeafoodTuna4625282482
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Pate--BeefBeef3453133778
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Pate--SeafoodOcean Fish & Tuna4225332678
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Pate--PoultryTurkey & Chicken3450153878
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Pate, Indoor--PoultryIndoor Chicken3551143678
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Pate, Indoor--SeafoodIndoor Salmon3841213678
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Pate, Indoor, Mature--PoultryIndoor Chicken3241283178
BlueHealthy Gourmet, Pate, Kitten--PoultryChicken Entrée355864178
BlueWildernessGrain FreePoultryChicken306644578
BlueWildernessGrain FreePoultryDuck306644378
BlueWildernessGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon306643878
BlueWildernessGrain FreePoultryTurkey306643978
BlueWilderness, KittenGrain FreePoultryChicken316634278
BlueWilderness, KittenGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon3456103878
BlueWilderness, MatureGrain FreePoultryChicken2948233178
BlueWilderness, Rocky MountainGrain FreeUnknownRed Meat Feast316184078
BlueWilderness, Rocky MountainGrain FreeSeafoodTrout Feast3547183378
BlueWilderness, Rocky Mountain, FlakedGrain FreeUnknownRed Meat Feast3948133182
BlueWilderness, Rocky Mountain, FlakedGrain FreeSeafoodTrout Feast4335222882
BlueWilderness, Wild Cuts Tasty ToppersGrain FreeBeefTasty Beef Morsels4030302682
BlueWilderness, Wild Cuts Tasty ToppersGrain FreePoultryTasty Chicken Morsels4030302682
BlueWilderness, Wild Cuts Tasty ToppersGrain FreePoultryTasty Duck Morsels4030302682
BlueWilderness, Wild Cuts Tasty ToppersGrain FreeSeafoodTasty Salmon Morsels4030302482
BlueWilderness, Wild DelightsGrain FreeMixedChicken & Salmon3846172681
BlueWilderness, Wild DelightsGrain FreeMixedChicken & Trout3846172681
BlueWilderness, Wild DelightsGrain FreeMixedChicken & Trout in Tasty Gravy3846173081
BlueWilderness, Wild DelightsGrain FreePoultryChicken & Turkey3846172681
BlueWilderness, Wild DelightsGrain FreeMixedFlaked Chicken & Trout4148113082
BlueWilderness, Wild Delights, FlakedGrain FreeMixedChicken & Trout4144163082
BlueWilderness, Wild Delights, FlakedGrain FreePoultryChicken & Turkey4144163182
BlueWilderness, Wild Delights, MincedGrain FreeMixedChicken & Trout4144162782
BlueWilderness, Wild Delights, MincedGrain FreePoultryChicken & Turkey4144162982
CanidaeLife Stages--UnknownAll Life Stages345873478
CanidaeLife Stages--PoultryChicken & Rice (Sensitive Cats & Kittens)335893478
CanidaeLife Stages--PoultryChicken (Cats & Kittens)2762113578
CanidaeLife Stages--UnknownIndoor, Overweight, & Senior Cats3748153178
CanidaeLife Stages--LambLamb (Cats & Kittens)355692782
CanidaeLife Stages--SeafoodOceanfish (Cats & Kittens)3653112682
CanidaeLife Stages--SeafoodSalmon (Cats & Kittens)3653112782
CanidaeLife Stages--PoultryTurkey (Cats & Kittens)3653112782
CanidaeLife Stages--SeafoodYellowfin Tuna (Cats & Kittens)3750132682
CanidaePureGrain FreePoultryChicken286483778
CanidaePureGrain FreeMixedChicken, Turkey & Lamb276763678
CanidaePureGrain FreePoultryDuck & Duck Liver3846162682
CanidaePureGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon316262982
CanidaePureGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon & Mackerel385753278
CanidaePureGrain FreeSeafoodSeafood3750132682
CanidaePureGrain FreeSeafoodTrout & Lobster3146232778
CanidaePureGrain FreeMixedTurkey & Rabbit375672882
Fancy FeastChunky--PoultryChicken Feast48439-78
Fancy FeastChunky--UnknownChopped Grilled Feast474211-78
Fancy FeastChunky--PoultryTurkey Feast48439-78
Fancy FeastClassic--PoultryChicken Feast45496-78
Fancy FeastClassic--UnknownChopped Grill Feast39575-78
Fancy FeastClassic--SeafoodCod, Sole & Shrimp Feast602415-78
Fancy FeastClassic--SeafoodOcean Whitefish & Tuna Feast612514-78
Fancy FeastClassic--SeafoodSalmon & Shrimp Feast48439-78
Fancy FeastClassic--SeafoodSavory Salmon Feast48439-78
Fancy FeastClassic--SeafoodSeafood Feast56349-78
Fancy FeastClassic--MixedTender Beef & Chicken Feast40564-78
Fancy FeastClassic--BeefTender Beef & Liver Feast43506-78
Fancy FeastClassic--BeefTender Beef Feast48439-78
Fancy FeastClassic--PoultryTender Liver & Chicken Feast45496-78
Fancy FeastClassic--PoultryTurkey & Giblets Feast45496-78
Fancy FeastDelights with Cheddar--BeefBeef & Cheddar Cheese Feast502425-78
Fancy FeastDelights with Cheddar--PoultryChicken & Cheddar Cheese Feast502425-78
Fancy FeastDelights with Cheddar--PoultryGrilled Chicken & Cheddar Cheese Feast in Gravy542619-80
Fancy FeastDelights with Cheddar--SeafoodGrilled Tuna & Cheddar Cheese Feast in Gravy542619-80
Fancy FeastDelights with Cheddar--PoultryGrilled Turkey & Cheddar Cheese Feast in Gravy542619-80
Fancy FeastDelights with Cheddar--SeafoodGrilled Whitefish & Cheddar Cheese Feast in Gravy542619-80
Fancy FeastDelights with Cheddar--SeafoodSalmon & Cheddar Cheese Feast502425-78
Fancy FeastDelights with Cheddar--PoultryTurkey & Cheddar Cheese Feast502425-78
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--SeafoodShredded Tuna Fare w/Garden Greens69247-78
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--PoultryShredded Turkey Fare w/Garden Greens69247-78
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--PoultryShredded White Meat Chicken Fare w/Garden Greens71245-78
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--SeafoodShredded Wild Salmon Fare w/Garden Greens71245-78
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--PoultryTender Turkey Primavera w/Garden Veggies & Greens61309-82
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--PoultryTender Turkey Tuscany w/Long Grain Rice & Garden Greens61309-82
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--SeafoodTuna & Shrimp w/Wild Rice61309-82
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--SeafoodTuna Florentine w/Garden Greens in a Delicate Sauce612713-80
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--SeafoodTuna Primavera w/Garden Veggies & Greens61309-82
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--SeafoodTuna Tuscany w/Long Grain Rice & Garden Greens61309-82
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--PoultryTurkey & White Meat Chicken w/Spinach542619-80
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--PoultryTurkey Florentine w/Garden Greens612713-80
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--MixedWhite Meat Chicken & Tuna w/Wild Rice & Spinach61309-82
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--PoultryWhite Meat Chicken Florentine w/Garden Greens612713-80
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--PoultryWhite Meat Chicken Primavera w/Garden Veggies & Greens61309-82
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--PoultryWhite Meat Chicken Tuscany w/Long Grain Rice & Garden Greens61309-82
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--SeafoodWhitefish & Shrimp w/Rice & Spinach61309-82
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--SeafoodWild Salmon Florentine w/Garden Greens612713-80
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--SeafoodWild Salmon Primavera w/Garden Veggies & Greens61309-82
Fancy FeastElegant Medleys--SeafoodWild Salmon Tuscany w/Long Grain Rice & Garden Greens61309-82
Fancy FeastFlaked--MixedChicken & Tuna Feast62380-78
Fancy FeastFlaked--SeafoodFish & Shrimp Feast78220-78
Fancy FeastFlaked--SeafoodSalmon & Ocean Whitefish Feast64332-78
Fancy FeastFlaked--SeafoodTrout Feast58402-78
Fancy FeastFlaked--SeafoodTuna & Mackerel Feast62380-78
Fancy FeastFlaked--SeafoodTuna Feast66340-78
Fancy FeastGravy Lovers--BeefBeef Feast in Roasted Beef Flavor Gravy553015-82
Fancy FeastGravy Lovers--MixedChicken & Beef Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy553015-82
Fancy FeastGravy Lovers--PoultryChicken Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy553015-82
Fancy FeastGravy Lovers--PoultryChicken Hearts & Liver Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy553015-82
Fancy FeastGravy Lovers--SeafoodOcean Whitefish & Tuna Feast in Sauteed Seafood Flavor Gravy553015-82
Fancy FeastGravy Lovers--SeafoodSalmon & Sole Feast in Seared Salmon Flavor Gravy553015-82
Fancy FeastGravy Lovers--SeafoodSalmon Feast in Seared Salmon Flavor Gravy553015-82
Fancy FeastGravy Lovers--PoultryTurkey Feast in Roasted Turkey Flavor Gravy553015-82
Fancy FeastGrilled--BeefBeef Feast in Gravy592615-80
Fancy FeastGrilled--MixedChicken & Beef Feast in Gravy592615-80
Fancy FeastGrilled--PoultryChicken Feast in Gravy592615-80
Fancy FeastGrilled--PoultryLiver & Chicken Feast in Gravy592615-80
Fancy FeastGrilled--SeafoodOcean Whitefish & Tuna Feast in Gravy592615-80
Fancy FeastGrilled--SeafoodSalmon & Shrimp Feast in Gravy602614-80
Fancy FeastGrilled--SeafoodSalmon Feast in Gravy592615-80
Fancy FeastGrilled--SeafoodSeafood Feast in Gravy602614-80
Fancy FeastGrilled--BeefTender Beef & Liver Feast in Gravy582616-80
Fancy FeastGrilled--SeafoodTuna Feast in Gravy592615-80
Fancy FeastGrilled--PoultryTurkey & Giblets Feast in Gravy602614-80
Fancy FeastGrilled--PoultryTurkey Feast in Gravy592615-80
Fancy FeastKitten--SeafoodTender Ocean Whitefsh Feast53434-78
Fancy FeastKitten--PoultryTender Turkey Feast43570-78
Fancy FeastMarinated Morsels--BeefBeef Feast in Gravy532423-78
Fancy FeastMarinated Morsels--PoultryChicken Feast in Gravy542422-78
Fancy FeastMarinated Morsels--SeafoodSalmon Feast in Gravy532423-78
Fancy FeastMarinated Morsels--SeafoodTuna Feast in Gravy542422-78
Fancy FeastMarinated Morsels--PoultryTurkey Feast in Gravy532423-78
Fancy FeastMinced--PoultryTurkey Feast in Sauce532423-78
Fancy FeastMornings - Medley--SeafoodTrout, Garden Veggies & Egg in Sauce62308-82
Fancy FeastMornings - Medley--PoultryWhite Meat Chicken, Garden Veggies & Egg in Sauce62308-82
Fancy FeastMornings - Medley--SeafoodWild Salmon, Garden Veggies & Egg in Sauce62308-82
Fancy FeastMornings - Souffle--PoultryTurkey, Garden Veggies & Egg562717-80
Fancy FeastMornings - Souffle--PoultryWhite Meat Chicken, Garden Veggies & Egg562717-80
Fancy FeastMornings - Souffle--SeafoodWild Salmon, Garden Veggies & Egg562717-80
Fancy FeastPurely--SeafoodFlaked Skipjack Tuna Entrée711910-82
Fancy FeastPurely--SeafoodSeabass & Shrimp Entrée69247-82
Fancy FeastPurely--SeafoodTender Tongol Tuna Entrée79193-82
Fancy FeastPurely--PoultryWhite Meat Chicken & Flaked Tuna Entrée691913-82
Fancy FeastPurely--MixedWhite Meat Chicken & Shredded Beef Entrée66295-82
Fancy FeastPurely--PoultryWhite Meat Chicken Entrée74198-82
Fancy FeastPurely--SeafoodWild Alaskan Salmon Entrée64297-82
Fancy FeastRoasted--PoultryChicken Feast532423-78
Fancy FeastRoasted--PoultryTurkey Feast532423-78
Fancy FeastSliced--BeefBeef & Giblets Feast in Gravy532423-78
Fancy FeastSliced--BeefBeef Feast in Gravy532324-78
Fancy FeastSliced--PoultryChicken Feast in Gravy532423-78
Fancy FeastSliced--PoultryChicken Hearts & Liver Feast in Gravy532423-78
Fancy FeastSliced--MixedSalmon & Chicken in Gravy532423-78
Fancy FeastSliced--PoultryTurkey & Giblets Feast in Gravy532423-78
Fancy FeastSliced--PoultryTurkey Feast in Gravy532423-78
HaloImpulseGrain FreePoultryCat Quail & Garden Greens3749143278
HaloImpulseGrain FreePoultryChicken, Eggs & Garden Greens3159103478
HaloImpulseGrain FreePoultryGuinea Hen & Garden Greens345793478
HaloImpulseGrain FreeGameRabbit & Garden Greens3352163278
HaloSpot's ChoiceGrain FreePoultryShredded Chicken2952193178
HaloSpot's ChoiceGrain FreePoultryShredded Turkey2954173278
HaloSpot's PateGrain FreePoultryGround Chicken3554103778
HaloSpot's PateGrain FreeSeafoodGround Whitefish3943183378
HaloSpot's PateGrain FreePoultryTurkey & Duck3449183478
HaloSpot's PateGrain FreeSeafoodWild Salmon345793878
HaloSpot's StewGrain FreeMixedChicken, Shrimp & Crab3048222784
HaloSpot's StewGrain FreeSeafoodSucculent Salmon2856162984
HaloSpot's StewGrain FreePoultryWholesome Chicken3048222584
HaloSpot's StewGrain FreeMixedWholesome Chicken & Beef3048222584
HaloSpot's StewGrain FreeLambWholesome Lamb3048222684
HaloSpot's StewGrain FreePoultryWholesome Turkey3048222784
HaloVigorGluten FreeMixedChicken & Trout3157123378
HaloVigorGluten FreeMixedSalmon & Roasted Venison3157123478
HaloVigorGluten FreePoultryTurkey & Roasted Quail3157123378
MerrickLimited Ingredient DietGrain Free Real Chicken Recipe3442242678
MerrickLimited Ingredient DietGrain Free Real Duck Recipe3442242678
MerrickLimited Ingredient DietGrain Free Real Salmon Recipe3442242678
MerrickLimited Ingredient DietGrain Free Real Turkey Recipe3649152878
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Beef Pate4331252878
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Beef Wellington4245132481
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Chicken A La King4245132581
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Chicken Cassarole4245132581
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Chicken Divan4245132581
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Chicken Pate3847153178
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Cowboy Cookout4536192881
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Duck Pate3847152878
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Grammy's Pot Pie435343181
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Salmon Pate3847153178
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Surf N Turf Pate4331252878
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Thanksgiving Day Dinner435343181
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Tuna Nicoise4245132581
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Tuna Pate3847152978
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Turducken4245133181
MerrickPurrfect BistroGrain Free Turkey Pate3847153178
Natural BalanceLimited Ingredient DietsGrain FreePoultryChicken & Green Pea3051193078
Natural BalanceLimited Ingredient DietsGrain FreePoultryDuck & Green Pea3057133578
Natural BalanceLimited Ingredient DietsGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon & Green Pea3436303278
Natural BalanceLimited Ingredient DietsGrain FreeGameVenison & Green Pea3243253278
Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesGrain FreePoultryChicken & Giblets3639252482
Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesGrain FreePoultryChicken & Legume3834282682
Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesGrain FreePoultryChicken & Pumpkin3834282582
Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesGrain FreeMixedChicken & Salmon3639252482
Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesGrain FreeMixedCod, Chicken, Sole, & Shrimp3639252482
Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon, Tuna, & Crab3930322482
Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesGrain FreeMixedTuna & Beef3930322682
Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesGrain FreePoultryTurkey, Chicken, & Duck3639252482
Natural BalancePlatefulls Pouches, IndoorGrain FreePoultryChicken & Chicken Liver3835262482
Natural BalancePlatefulls Pouches, IndoorGrain FreePoultryDuck, Chicken, & Pumpkin4125342782
Natural BalancePlatefulls Pouches, IndoorGrain FreeSeafoodMackerel & Sardine3835262482
Natural BalancePlatefulls Pouches, IndoorGrain FreeMixedSalmon, Tuna, Chicken, & Shrimp3835262482
Natural BalancePlatefulls Pouches, IndoorGrain FreePoultryTurkey & Duck4125342782
Natural BalancePlatefulls Pouches, IndoorGrain FreeMixedTurkey, Salmon, & Chicken3835262482
Natural BalanceStewsGrain FreeUnknownCatatouille5520252483
Natural BalanceStews--UnknownLand 'n Sea5826163083
Natural BalanceStews--UnknownLife's A Beach5022272880
Natural BalanceStewsGrain FreeUnknownO'Fishally Scampi5326212583
Natural BalanceStewsGrain FreeUnknownPurrrfect Paella5520252383
Natural BalanceStewsGrain FreeUnknownSea Brulee5326212883
Natural BalanceUltra Premium--PoultryChicken & Liver Pate3150193378
Natural BalanceUltra Premium--UnknownIndoor3345223378
Natural BalanceUltra Premium--SeafoodOcean Fish3243253178
Natural BalanceUltra Premium--SeafoodSalmon3450153078
Natural BalanceUltra Premium--SeafoodTuna with Shrimp3644202978
Natural BalanceUltra Premium--PoultryTurkey & Giblets3344243078
Natural BalanceUltra Whole Body HealthGluten FreeMixedChicken, Salmon & Duck306463978
Natural BalanceUltra Whole Body HealthGluten FreeMixedSalmon, Calamari & Duck3345223578
Natural BalanceUltra Whole Body HealthGluten FreeMixedVenison, Turkey & Lamb3648163278
Natural BalanceUltra Whole Body Health, KittenGluten FreeMixedChicken, Salmon & Duck306913978
Natural BalanceUltra Whole Body Health, Reduced FatGluten FreeMixedChicken, Salmon & Duck2857153378
Natural BalanceWild PursuitGrain FreeMixedBeef, Buffalo, & Venison346154078
Natural BalanceWild PursuitGrain FreePoultryChicken, Turkey, & Quail346154278
Natural BalanceWild PursuitGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon, Herring, & Walleye365684178
Natural BalanceWild PursuitGrain FreeSeafoodTrout, Salmon, & Tuna365684078
Natural BalanceWild PursuitGrain FreePoultryTurkey, Chicken, & Guinea Fowl346154078
Nature's RecipeHigh Protein RecipeGrain FreeMixedChicken & Salmon in Broth64360-82
Nature's RecipeHigh Protein RecipeGrain FreePoultryChicken & Turkey in Broth64360-82
Nature's RecipeHigh Protein RecipeGrain FreePoultryChicken in Broth64360-82
Nature's RecipeHigh Protein RecipeGrain FreeSeafoodTuna & Ocean Fish in Broth64360-82
Nature's RecipeHigh Protein RecipeGrain FreeSeafoodTuna & Shrimp in Broth64360-82
Nature's RecipeHigh Protein RecipeGrain FreeSeafoodWhitefish & Crab in Broth64360-82
Nature's Recipe Grain FreePoultryChicken & Chicken Liver in Broth61309-82
Nature's Recipe Grain FreePoultryChicken in Broth61309-82
Nature's Recipe Grain FreeSeafoodOcean Fish in Broth61309-82
Nature's Recipe Grain FreeSeafoodSalmon in Broth61309-82
Nature's Recipe Grain FreeSeafoodTuna in Broth61309-82
Nature's VarietyInstinctGrain FreeBeefBeef4148104278
Nature's VarietyInstinctGrain FreePoultryChicken355693778
Nature's VarietyInstinctGrain FreePoultryDuck3450173878
Nature's VarietyInstinctGrain FreeLambLamb335994078
Nature's VarietyInstinctGrain FreePorkPork3153163775
Nature's VarietyInstinctGrain FreeRabbitRabbit3943182978
Nature's VarietyInstinctGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon3738253478
Nature's VarietyInstinctGrain FreeGameVenison405373778
Nature's VarietyInstinct, Healthy WeightGrain FreePoultryChicken3335312778
Nature's VarietyInstinct, Limited IngredientGrain FreePoultryDuck3054164175
Nature's VarietyInstinct, Limited IngredientGrain FreeLambLamb3056134275
Nature's VarietyInstinct, Limited IngredientGrain FreePorkPork3653113878
Nature's VarietyInstinct, Limited IngredientGrain FreeRabbitRabbit3943183278
Nature's VarietyInstinct, Limited IngredientGrain FreePoultryTurkey3154153975
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreePoultryChamp's Chicken3543223080
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreePoultryCheshire's Chicken3543222780
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreePoultryDaredevil's Duck3543222980
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreePoultryDiva's Duck3543222680
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreeLambLovebug's Lamb3350173080
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreeLambLucky's Lamb3350173380
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreeRabbitRitzy's Rabbit3543222680
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreeRabbitRockstar's Rabbit3543222680
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreeSeafoodSherlock's Salmon3543222580
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreeSeafoodStarlet's Salmon3543222680
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreeSeafoodTitan's Tuna3834282480
Nature's VarietyPrideGrain FreeSeafoodTrickster's Tuna3834282580
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreePoultryChunky Loaf Chicken455503278
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreeMixedChunky Loaf Salmon & Duck455503278
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreeSeafoodChunky Loaf Salmon & Tuna455503278
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreePoultryChunky Loaf Turkey455503278
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreePoultryMinced Chicken554052082
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreeMixedMinced Chicken & Shrimp554052182
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreeMixedSliced Chicken & Tuna554052182
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreeSeafoodSliced Salmon584202383
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreePoultrySliced Turkey554052382
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreeMixedSliced Turkey & Salmon554052282
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreeSeafoodSoft Loaf Cod & Catfish455502978
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreePoultrySoft Loaf Duck455503578
NutroAdult Cat FoodGrain FreePoultrySoft Loaf Turkey455503378
NutroBreakfast ScramblesGrain FreePoultryChicken & Egg623802782
NutroBreakfast ScramblesGrain FreeMixedChicken, Egg & Salmon623802782
NutroBreakfast ScramblesGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon & Egg623802582
NutroBreakfast ScramblesGrain FreeSeafoodTuna & Egg623802782
NutroKitten FoodGrain FreeSeafoodMinced Salmon554051982
NutroKitten FoodGrain FreePoultrySoft Loaf Chicken475303178
NutroMax Cat--MixedChicken & Lamb3251183077
NutroMax Cat--PoultryChicken & Liver3251183177
NutroMax Cat--PoultryChicken Supreme Chunks in Sauce395372482
NutroMax Cat--MixedLamb & Turkey Cutlets in Sauce385752782
NutroMax Cat--SeafoodOceanfish3252163177
NutroMax Cat--SeafoodSalmon Entrée Chunks in Sauce4545112682
NutroMax Cat--GameSavory Venison Chunks in Sauce385752682
NutroMax Cat--SeafoodSeafood & Tomato Bisque Chunks in Sauce4545112382
NutroMax Cat--PoultryTurkey & Chicken Liver Entrée Chunks in Sauce395372482
NutroMax Cat--PoultryTurkey & Giblets Formula3251183177
NutroMax Cat, Kitten Food--PoultryChicken & Liver3357103477
NutroMax Cat, Kitten Food--MixedChicken & Oceanfish345883477
NutroMax Cat, Lite--PoultryTurkey & Chicken3933282578
NutroMax Cat, Senior--MixedChicken & Lamb3547182877
NutroPerfect PortionsGrain FreePoultryChicken & Liver494922978
NutroPerfect PortionsGrain FreeMixedChicken, Liver & Shrimp494923178
NutroPerfect PortionsGrain FreeMixedSalmon & Chicken494922978
NutroPerfect PortionsGrain FreePoultrySoft Loaf Chicken494922978
NutroPerfect PortionsGrain FreeSeafoodSoft Loaf Chicken & Shrimp494923178
NutroPerfect PortionsGrain FreeSeafoodSoft Loaf Salmon & Tuna494922978
NutroPerfect PortionsGrain FreePoultrySoft Loaf Turkey494923578
NutroPerfect PortionsGrain FreePoultryTurkey & Liver494923578
NutroSenior Cat FoodGrain FreeMixedMinced Chicken & Salmon554052282
NutroSenior Cat FoodGrain FreeSeafoodMinced Cod & Tuna603731983
NutroSenior Cat FoodGrain FreePoultrySoft Loaf Chicken494923378
NutroSenior Cat Food--SeafoodSoft Loaf Cod455503278
Pro PlanFocus Adult - Healthy Metabolism Formula for Spayed/Neutered Cats--PoultryChicken Entrée6026142880
Pro PlanFocus Adult - Healthy Metabolism Formula for Spayed/Neutered Cats--SeafoodSalmon Entrée6026142380
Pro PlanFocus Adult - Healthy Metabolism Formula for Spayed/Neutered Cats--PoultryTurkey Entrée6026142580
Pro PlanFocus Adult - Indoor Care--SeafoodSalmon & Rice Entrée in Sauce572320-78
Pro PlanFocus Adult - Urinary Tract Health Formula--PoultryChicken in Gravy Entrée473419-78
Pro PlanFocus Adult - Weight Management--PoultryTurkey & Rice Entrée Ground582418-78
Pro PlanFocus Adult 11+--MixedChicken & Beef Entrée39574-78
Pro PlanFocus Adult 11+--SeafoodSalmon & Tuna Entrée Classic39574-78
Pro PlanFocus Kitten--PoultryChicken & Liver44542-77
Pro PlanFocus Kitten--SeafoodOcean Whitefish & Tuna Entrée Flaked50473 77
Pro PlanFocus Kitten--SeafoodSalmon & Ocean Fish Entrée Classic45541-77
Pro PlanSavor Adult--BeefBeef & Carrots Entrée Classic3644203178
Pro PlanSavor Adult--BeefBeef & Cheese Entrée in Gravy542620-80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--MixedBeef & Chicken Entrée in Gravy592615-80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--BeefBeef Entrée with Carrots Braised in Gravy542619 80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--BeefBeef, Carrots & Rice Entrée in Gravy61309-82
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryChicken & Cheese Entrée in Gravy522523-80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryChicken & Rice Entrée in Gravy522326-80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryChicken & Spinach Entrée Classic3644203278
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryChicken Entrée Chunky48439-78
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryChicken Entrée with Tomatoes Braised in Gravy542619-80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryChicken, Pasta & Spinach Entrée in Gravy61309-82
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryChicken, Tomato & Pasta Entrée in Gravy61309-82
Pro PlanSavor Adult--MixedChicken, Tuna & Wild Rice Entrée in Sauce613092582
Pro PlanSavor Adult--SeafoodSalmon & Cheese Entrée in Sauce542620 80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--SeafoodSalmon & Rice Entrée592615 80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--SeafoodSalmon & Wild Rice Entrée Classic3644203278
Pro PlanSavor Adult--SeafoodSalmon Entrée with Wild Rice Braised in Sauce542619 80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--SeafoodSalmon, Shrimp & Rice Entrée in Sauce613092782
Pro PlanSavor Adult--SeafoodSeafood Stew Entrée in Sauce542619-80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--SeafoodSole & Vegetable Entrée in Sauce61309-82
Pro PlanSavor Adult--SeafoodSole Entrée with Spinach Braised in Sauce542619 80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--SeafoodTrout & Pasta Entrée in Sauce61309-82
Pro PlanSavor Adult--SeafoodTuna Entrée in Sauce592615-80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--SeafoodTuna, Shrimp & Rice Entrée in Sauce613092482
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryTurkey & Cheese Entrée in Gravy542619-80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryTurkey & Giblets Entrée Ground5033172778
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryTurkey & Pasta Entrée in Gravy67330-82
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryTurkey & Rice Entrée in Gravy592615-80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryTurkey & Vegetable Entrée Classic3644203078
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryTurkey & Vegetable Entrée in Gravy542619-80
Pro PlanSavor Adult--PoultryWhite Meat Chicken & Vegetable Entrée in Gravy61309-82
Pro PlanTrue Nature--BeefNatural Beef & Liver Entrée in Gravy663222182
Pro PlanTrue NatureGrain FreePoultryNatural Chicken & Liver Entrée Classic445423478
Pro PlanTrue Nature--MixedNatural Chicken & Salmon Entrée in Sauce663222282
Pro PlanTrue Nature--PoultryNatural Chicken & Turkey Entrée in Gravy663222282
Pro PlanTrue NatureGrain FreeSeafoodNatural Ocean Whitefish & Salmon Entrée Classic445423178
Pro PlanTrue Nature--SeafoodNatural Ocean Whitefish & Trout Entrée in Sauce663222182
Pro PlanTrue Nature--SeafoodNatural Salmon & Catfish Entrée in Sauce663222282
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownAdult Instinctive5424222381
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownAdult Instinctive Loaf in Sauce5818242281
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownAging 12+4329282581
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownBabycat Instinctive Loaf in Sauce4043182681
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownDigest Sensitive4521342283
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownInstinctive 7+5219292282
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownIntense Beauty5223262580
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownIntense Beauty Loaf in Sauce5225232480
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownKitten Instinctive4832202680
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownKitten Instinctive Loaf in Sauce5228212481
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownSpayed/Neutered5420272182
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownSpayed/Neutered Loaf in Sauce5714292082
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownUltra Light5821201983
Royal CaninFeline Health Nutrition--UnknownUltra Light Loaf in Sauce6215231984
Science DietAdult-- Gourmet Beef Entrée3341263178
Science DietAdult-- Gourmet Turkey Entrée3041302978
Science DietAdult-- Liver & Chicken Entrée3841212578
Science DietAdult-- Savory Chicken Entrée3841213278
Science DietAdult-- Savory Salmon Entrée2848243078
Science DietAdult-- Savory Seafood Entrée3145242977
Science DietAdult-- Tender Chicken Dinner3541242880
Science DietAdult-- Tender Ocean Fish Dinner3640242880
Science DietAdult-- Tender Tuna Dinner3439272879
Science DietAdult-- Turkey & Giblets Entrée2843293278
Science DietAdult Grain FreeGrain Free Chicken Entrée2143363278
Science DietAdult Grain FreeGrain Free Salmon Entrée2143363378
Science DietAdult Grain FreeGrain Free Trout Entrée2143363378
Science DietAdult Grain FreeGrain Free Tuna Entrée2143363278
Science DietAdult Hairball Control-- Savory Chicken Entrée3343243178
Science DietAdult Hairball Control-- Savory Seafood Entrée3238303076
Science DietAdult Homestyle-- Chicken Supper3340272978
Science DietAdult Homestyle-- Tuna Supper3340272778
Science DietAdult Indoor-- Savory Chicken Entrée3343243178
Science DietAdult Indoor-- Savory Seafood Entrée3245223077
Science DietAdult Light-- Liver & Chicken Entrée3632322577
Science DietAdult Perfect Weight-- Chicken & Vegetables3829332578
Science DietKitten-- Liver & Chicken Entrée444693874
Science DietKitten-- Savory Salmon Entrée434893575
Science DietKitten-- Tender Chicken Dinner4050102880
Science DietKitten-- Turkey & Giblets Entrée434893775
Science DietKitten Homestyle-- Homestyle Chicken Supper3644193178
Science DietMature Adult-- Gourmet Beef Entrée3441252978
Science DietMature Adult-- Gourmet Turkey Entrée2837352978
Science DietMature Adult-- Homestyle Chicken Supper3340273078
Science DietMature Adult-- Savory Chicken Entrée3638273178
Science DietMature Adult-- Tender Chicken Dinner3439272879
Science DietMature Adult-- Tender Tuna Dinner3439272879
Solid GoldFive OceansGrain FreeSeafoodMackerel & Tuna Recipe in Gravy613092282
Solid GoldFive OceansGrain FreeSeafoodSardine & Tuna Recipe in Gravy613092282
Solid GoldFive OceansGrain FreeSeafoodSea Bream & Tuna Recipe in Gravy613092182
Solid GoldFive OceansGrain FreeSeafoodShrimp & Tuna Recipe in Gravy5932102083
Solid GoldJuly Morning--MixedChicken, Turkey, White Fish & Liver Recipe385583578
Solid GoldNew MoonGrain FreeSeafoodBlended Tuna Recipe in Gravy6424122480
SoulisticCansGrain FreeSeafoodAqua Grill - Tilapia & Tuna Dinner in Gravy5227201983
SoulisticCansGrain FreePoultryAromatic Chicken - Chicken Dinner in Gelee712911884
SoulisticCansGrain FreeSeafoodDouble Happiness - Tuna & Crab Surimi Dinner in Gelee564322481
SoulisticCansGrain FreeMixedGolden Fortune - Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Pumpkin Soup5627172082
SoulisticCansGrain FreePoultryGood Karma - Chicken Dinner in Gravy5826172380
SoulisticCansGrain FreePoultryHarvest Sunrise - Chicken & Pumpkin Dinner in Gravy5218302181
SoulisticCansGrain FreeSeafoodNautical Nirvana - Tuna & Skipjack Dinner in Gravy5631142578
SoulisticCansGrain FreeMixedPolynesian Picnic - Chicken & Tilapia Dinner in Gelee682661784
SoulisticCansGrain FreeSeafoodPure Bliss - Tuna Whole Meat Dinner in Gravy5822202180
SoulisticCansGrain FreeSeafoodSeaside Serenity - Salmon & Tuna Dinner in Gravy5928132380
SoulisticCansGrain FreeSeafoodShrimply Divine - Tuna & Shrimpi Dinner in Gelee614002182
SoulisticCansGrain FreeMixedSweet Salutations - Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Gravy5229202281
SoulisticCansGrain FreeMixedTri-Fusion - Tuna w/Grilled Salmon, Beef & Duck Dinner in Gravy5627172380
SoulisticCansGrain FreeSeafoodUpstream Dream - Salmon & Tuna Dinner in Gelee633352182
SoulisticPouchesGrain FreePoultryAutumn Bounty - Chicken Dinner in Pumpkin Soup741791982
SoulisticPouchesGrain FreePoultryGood Karma - Chicken Dinner in Gravy6125142379
SoulisticPouchesGrain FreeSeafoodIsland Illusion - Salmon & Tuna Dinner in Pumpkin Soup5630141984
SoulisticPouchesGrain FreeSeafoodLuna Tuna - Tuna Dinner in Pumpkin Soup722351983
SoulisticPouchesGrain FreeSeafoodMidnight Delight - Mackerel & Tuna Dinner in Gravy5229192280
SoulisticPouchesGrain FreeMixedTriple Harmony - Chicken, Salmon & Tuna Dinner in Gravy5622232082
WellnessComplete Health--MixedBeef & Chicken3846153578
WellnessComplete Health--MixedBeef & Salmon3653113378
WellnessComplete Health--PoultryChicken3846154078
WellnessComplete Health--MixedChicken & Herring3947143478
WellnessComplete Health--MixedChicken & Lobster3947143578
WellnessComplete Health--UnknownKitten385924078
WellnessComplete Health--SeafoodSalmon & Trout3947143878
WellnessComplete Health--SeafoodSalmon, Shrimp & Crab385573978
WellnessComplete Health--PoultryTurkey3846154078
WellnessComplete Health--MixedTurkey & Salmon3652123378
WellnessCOREGrain FreeMixedBeef, Venison, & Lamb406003878
WellnessCOREGrain FreePoultryChicken, Turkey, & Chicken Liver415814078
WellnessCOREGrain FreeUnknownIndoor4938142778
WellnessCOREGrain FreeUnknownKitten406003578
WellnessCOREGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon, Whitefish, & Herring445423578
WellnessCOREGrain FreePoultryTurkey & Duck406113478
WellnessCubedGrain FreePoultryChicken4049112982
WellnessCubedGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon4049112782
WellnessCubedGrain FreeSeafoodTuna4339172482
WellnessCubedGrain FreePoultryTurkey4049112882
WellnessCubedGrain FreeMixedTurkey & Salmon4049112882
WellnessDivine DuosGrain FreeMixedBeef Pate & Diced Chicken Liver296382485
WellnessDivine DuosGrain FreePoultryChicken Pate & Diced Duck296382585
WellnessDivine DuosGrain FreeMixedChicken Pate & Diced Salmon296382885
WellnessDivine DuosGrain FreePoultryChicken Pate & Diced Turkey296382785
WellnessDivine DuosGrain FreePoultryTilapia Pate & Diced Ahi Tuna296382685
WellnessDivine DuosGrain FreePoultryTuna Pate & Diced Salmon296382585
WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesGrain FreePoultryChicken & Chicken Liver4048122682
WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouches--MixedChicken, Crab & Herring4048122382
WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouches--MixedChicken, Duck & Shrimp3947142482
WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouches--MixedSalmon & Chicken4048122282
WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon & Tuna4048122582
WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesGrain FreeSeafoodTuna5034172282
WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesGrain FreePoultryTurkey & Chicken4048122782
WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouches--PoultryTurkey & Duck3947142582
WellnessMincedGrain FreePoultryChicken4049112982
WellnessMincedGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon4049112782
WellnessMincedGrain FreeSeafoodTuna4339172482
WellnessMincedGrain FreePoultryTurkey4049112882
WellnessMincedGrain FreeMixedTurkey & Salmon4049112882
WellnessSignature SelectsGrain FreeMixedChunky Beef & White Meat Chicken Entrée in Sauce4536192485
WellnessSignature SelectsGrain FreePoultryChunky Turkey & White Meat Chicken Entrée in Sauce4536192585
WellnessSignature SelectsGrain FreeMixedChunky White Meat Chicken & Wild Salmon Entrée in Sauce4536192585
WellnessSignature SelectsGrain FreeSeafoodFlaked Skipjack Tuna w/Shrimp Entrée in Broth554052585
WellnessSignature SelectsGrain FreeSeafoodFlaked Skipjack Tuna w/Wild Salmon Entrée in Broth534532585
WellnessSignature SelectsGrain FreeMixedShredded White Meat Chicken & Beef Entrée in Sauce603642485
WellnessSignature SelectsGrain FreePoultryShredded White Meat Chicken & Turkey Entrée in Sauce603642485
WellnessSignature SelectsGrain FreePoultryShredded White Meat Chicken w/Chicken Liver Entrée in Sauce603642485
WellnessSlicedGrain FreePoultryChicken4049112982
WellnessSlicedGrain FreeSeafoodSalmon4049112782
WellnessSlicedGrain FreePoultryTurkey4049112882
WellnessSlicedGrain FreeMixedTurkey & Salmon4049112882
WellnessTruFood Tasty PairingsGrain FreeMixedCarrots, Tuna & Turkey3635301785
WellnessTruFood Tasty PairingsGrain FreePoultryChicken, Carrots & Chicken Liver3837261785
WellnessTruFood Tasty PairingsGrain FreeMixedChicken, Carrots & Crab3837261785
WellnessTruFood Tasty PairingsGrain FreePoultryChicken, Pumpkin & Turkey3247211785
WellnessTruFood Tasty PairingsGrain FreeSeafoodPeas, Cod & Shrimp3837261785
WellnessTruFood Tasty PairingsGrain FreeMixedPumpkin, Beef & Salmon3837261785

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